Hearty soup made daily

Today’s cream soup
Made from our choice vegetable of the day, served with crouton and rich cream on top. A must try
Please ask your server for the soup of the day
Sayuran murni yang dihaluskan dengan krim diatas roti kering

Tom Yam Seafood Soup
Another Thai favourite. Made up of seafood, fish ball, mushroom, hot chilli, lemon grass and coriander leaves
Sop asam pedas dari Thailand dengan aroma sereh, daun jeruk dan daun ketumbar dimasak dengan aneka seafood

ZUPPA Soup (Seafood/Chicken/Mushroom)
Classic baked soup from Italy, with a choice of seafood, chicken or mushroom
Sop panggang dari Italy. Dengan pilihan sop sarilaut, daging ayam atau jamur


Start your day with these. Available from 7.30am – 12.00pm

Big Breakfast
Choose your favourite: two eggs boiled, scrambled, fried, poached or omelette with choice of hash brown,
sausage chicken/beef/pork, bacon beef/pork, ovendried tomato and two slices of toast.
Served with cappuccino or espresso or lime juice or tea.
Dengan pilihan anda: dua butir telur rebus, telur orak-arik, telur mata sapi, telur mandi atau telur dadar,
Disajikan dengan perkedel kentang, sosis ayam/sapi/babi, daging sapi/babi asap, tomat dan roti panggang
Disajikan dengan cappuccino atau espresso atau jeruk nipis atau teh.


Start your meal from our light and tasty selection

Garlic Bread Stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese with Ham or Salami
Roti rasa bawang isi keju mozzarella dengan daging babi asap atau salami

Roti rasa bawang isi tomat, jamur dan daun ketumbar



From the freshest quality vegetables

Classic Caesar Salad
Fresh romaine lettuce with cashew nut, parmesan cheese, bread broutons, bacon beef or pork and anchovies tossed with our very own Caesar dressing
Salada romaine dengan kacang mente, keju parmesan, roti kering, sapi atau babi asap dan anchovies  dicampur dengan saus Caesar

…with grilled chicken breast
…dengan extra daging ayam panggang bagian dada

…with smoked salmon
…dengan extra salmon asap

Fresh Garden Salad
Fresh lettuce, tomato, carrot, onion, bell pepper and broccoli, with your choice of dressing:  vinaigrette, green olive or classic thousand island
Aneka daun salada, tomat, wortel, bawang bombay, paprika dan brokoli disajikan dengan saus pilihan:  vinaigrette, green olive or classic thousand island


Gourmet Pizzas made on fresh base and freshly baked from our traditional wood fired oven pizza
Small, Regular or Large

The Favourites…
Pesto, tomato sauce, bell pepper, mushroom, black olive, broccoli, mozarella cheese and sprinkle with parmesan cheese
Saus pesto, saus tomat, paprika, jamur, buah zaitun, brokoli, keju mozzarella dan parmesan

Pesto, tomato sauce, pork/beef ham, pork/beef bacon, onion, bell pepper, fresh herbs, black olives and topped with
mozzarella cheese and sprinkled with parmesan
Saus pesto, saus tomat, daging babi/sapi asap, bawang bombay, paprika, rempah dan keju mozzarella dan parmesan

Pesto, tomato sauce, snapper, squid, shrimp, black olives, bell pepper, fresh herbs topped with mozzarella
and sprinkled with parmesan
Saus pesto, saus tomat, ikan kakap, cumi, udang, buah zaitun, paprika, rempah dan keju mozzarella dan parmesan

Pizza Spinachi
Pesto, tomato sauce, spinach, corn, almond, pork bacon, fresh herb, mozzarella cheese and sprinkled with parmesan cheese
Saus pesto, saus tomat, bayam, jagung, kacang almond, babi asap, rempah – rempah, keju mozzarella dan parmesan


Al dente quality De Cecco pasta served
with your choice of sauce

Aglio E Olio
Simple yet delicious Italian favourite, garlic, red chilli, fresh herbs and virgin olive oil
Disajikan dengan bawang putih, cabai merah, rempah dan minyak zaitun
…with additional 3 veggies: shiitake mushroom, rucolla lettuce and green asparagus
…dengan ekstra 3 jenis sayuran: jamur shiitake, selada rukola dan asparagus hijau

Rich traditional meat sauce, minced beef and fresh herbs
Disajikan dengan saus daging sapi cincang dan rempah

Thick creamy sauce with pork/beef bacon and fresh herbs
Disajikan dengan daging babi asap/sapi asap, krim dan rempah – rempah 


Baked to perfection and heaped to the brim

Penne and Cheese
Penne pasta, pork/beef ham, cream, fresh herbs and baked cheese
Pasta penne disajikan dengan daging babi/sapi, krim, rempah – rempah dan keju

Vegetable Lasagna
Layers of pasta sheets, grilled mixed vegetable, cream, fresh herbs and cheese
Disajikan dengan aneka sayuran panggang, krim, rempah – rempah dan keju

Bologanise Lasagna
Layers of pasta sheets, minced beef sauce, fresh herbs and cheese
Disajikan dengan saus daging sapi, rempah – rempah dan keju  


Variety of sandwiches made with fresh bread
from our very own bakery

Tuna Sandwich
Tuna mayo, tomato, onion, bell pepper, mayonaisse and snowpea sprout
Roti lapis isi dengan ikan tuna mayo, selada, tomat, bawang bombay, paprika, mayones dan kecambah

Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Bread stuffed with smoked salmon, gherkin, onion, tomato and lettuce
Roti diisi dengan ikan salmon asap, acar ketimun, bawang bombay, tomat dan selada

Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Danish pork/beef ham and cheddar cheese with onion, tomato, lettuce and snowpea sprout
Roti lapis isi keju dan daging babi/sapi, bawang bombay, tomat, selada dan kecambah

Vegetarian Sandwich
Grilled mixed vegetables, shiitake mushroom, lettuce, tomato and snowpea sprout
Roti lapis isi sayuran bakar, jamur shiitake, selada, tomat dan kecambah

All these sandwiches above come with the choice of bread fresh from our very own bakery
white/brown/whole meal/multi grain/french/italian


Another selection of classic sandwich. A slice of the good life

Club Sandwich
The classic triple decker with beef/pork bacon, smoked beef, egg, chicken, lettuce and tomato
Roti lapis diisi dengan daging sapi/babi asap, daging sapi asap, daging ayam, selada dan tomat

Jumbo Beef Hot Dog
Beef Hot dog, onion, herb, melted mozzarella cheese on top served with french fries and salad
Berisi hot dog daging sapi, bawang bombay, rempah, keju mozzarella disajikan dengan kentang goreng dan sambal

Beef Burger or Chicken Burger with cheese

Burger daging sapi atau ayam disajikan dengan keju

The B.L.T Sandwich
Bread stuffed with pork/beef bacon, lettuce and tomato
Roti diisi dengan daging babi/sapi asap, selada dan tomat


Choise prime cuts of juice meat and grilled to seal in the flavour and cooked to your taste

Beef Sirloin Steak (Imported)
Center cut sirloin beef
Daging sapi panggang bagian lulur luar

Beef Tenderloin Steak (Imported)
Tender morsels beef
Daging sapi panggang bagian lulur dalam

Grilled Pork Chop (300 gr)
Daging babi panggang bagian iga

Chicken Breast Steak (150 gr)
Grilled butterfly chicken breast marinated with mustard and fresh rosemary
Dada ayam panggang disajikan dengan mustard saus dan rosemary

All the above are served with your choice of favourite sauce: black pepper, mushroom, teriyaki, bbq or hot bbq
and a choice of: french fries, potato wedges, baked potato, mashed potato or steam rice and sauteed vegetables or salad
Menu diatas disajikan dengan saus pilihan anda : saus jamur, saus lada hitam, teriyaki, barbeque atau barbeque pedas
dengan pilihan kentang dan salad atau sayur


Selection of fine fresh seafood

Fish and Chip
Fried beer batter seabrem fish served with tartar sauce, french fries
Ikan seabrem goreng tepung, disajikan dengan saus tartar, kentang goreng

Red Snapper Fish Fillet (160 gr)
Grilled snapper fillet topped with lemon butter sauce served with potato wedges and salad
Ikan kakap panggang dengan saus mentega lemon disajikan dengan kentang dan salad


Not too hot and just right

Chicken in Japanese style mild curry served with steam rice or french bread
Daging ayam yang dimasak dengan bumbu kare, disajikan dengan nasi putih atau roti perancis

Broccoli, carrot, stringbean, zucchini and eggplant in Japanese style mild curry served with steamed rice
or french bread
Aneka sayuran dimasak dengan bumbu kare disajikan dengan nasi putih atau roti perancis  


Our Chef’s recommendation

Chicken Quesadillas
Spicy shredded chicken with Jalapeno, onion, coriander, bell pepper, tomato sauce and cheddar cheese
Daging ayam disajikan dengan jalapeno, bawang bombay, paprika, saus tomat dan keju cheddar

Chicken Wiener Schnitzel
Breaded chicken breast pan fried with butter
Daging dada ayam goreng dengan tepung roti


Refection of our culture in these great traditional dishes

Sop Buntut (Imported)
Soup with tender of the bone oxtail cutlets, carrot, leek and red kidney beans, served with bitter crackers
Sop buntut sapi dengan wortel, bawang pree dan kacang merah disajikan dengan kerupuk melinjo

Gulai Kambing (Imported)
Rich and tasty! Traditional lamb spicy broth served with bitter crackers and spicy chilli sauce
Gurih dan lezat! Gulai kambing traditional disajikan dengan kerupuk melinjo dan sambal

Soto Ayam
Traditional chicken broth with shredded chicken, boiled egg, glass noodle, bean sprout
garnished with fresh shallot and celery
Soto ayam dengan telur, soun, kecambah

Mie Goreng or Kuah Ayam / Seafood
Egg noodles fried or with broth served with egg, vegetables and topped with
shredded chicken or seafood and crackers
Mie goreng atau kuah dengan telur, aneka sayuran, ayam atau aneka seafood dan kerupuk

Nasi Goreng Ayam / Seafood
Oriental fried rice with egg, chicken and chicken strips or with a variety of seafood and crackers
Nasi goreng dengan telur dan ayam atau aneka seafood disajikan dengan kerupuk

Buntut Sambal Ijo
Imported oxtail cutlets served with hot green chilli and steamed rice
Buntut disajikan dengan sambal ijo dan nasi putih

Ayam Goreng Lalapan
Fried chicken served with raw vegetables, javanese basil, sambal and stemaed rice
Ayam goreng disajikan dengan lalapan, sambal dan nasi putih


Boiled soya beans

Miso Soup
Popular traditional Japanese soup

Steamed Japanese style egg custard

Dong-dong Salad
Fresh seafood and garden salad served with wasabi dressing

Onigiri (2 PCS)
Grilled salmon, picled plum or bonito flakes in rice ball wrapped with seaweed sheet

Beef rice roll
Beef teriyaki, green pepper and red pepper in rice roll

Makounochi Bento
Assorted raw fish, seafood and vegetable tempura, chicken teriyaki, octopus and cucumber and vinegar,
miso soup and steam rice served in a bento box

Ramen (Shoyu or Miso)
Egg noodle, vegetable and slice BBQ pork with choice of soya sauce or miso soup

Dong – dong Nigiri
Sushi (tuna salmon and prawn)
Sashimi (tuna and squid) for 1 person

Maguro Sashimi

Nabeyaki Udon
Udon, egg, vegetable and prawn tempura in hot pot


Crab Corn Soup
A tasty and creamery! Crab and sweet corn soup
Sup yang lezat dari kepiting dan jagung manis

Tofu and Seafood In Claypot
Braised tofu and seafood in claypot
Tahu dimasak dengan sari laut disajikan di dalam mangkok

Vegetarian Fried Rice
Fried rice with leek, broccoli, mushroom and corn
Nasi goreng dengan aneka sayuran dan jagung

Broccoli with Beef
Stir-fried broccoli with beef and carrot served with steamed rice
Brokoli dimasak dengan daging sapi dan wortel disajikan dengan nasi putih

Tamie (Iefu Mie)
Work fried crispy nest noodle, fresh garden vegetables with shrimp and chicken
Mie disajikan dengan sayuran, udang dan ayam

Beef or Pork with Blackpepper Sauce
Sauteed beef or pork with black pepper, onion, shallot, garlic served with steamed rice
Daging sapi atau babi dimasak dengan lada hitam, bawang bombay, bawang merah dan disajikan dengan nasi putih

Chicken in Sze-Chuan Chili Sauce
Stir-fried chicken with Sze-Chuan chili sauce served with steamed rice
Daging ayam digoreng dengan saus Sze-Chuan disajikan dengan nasi putih


Cool Sensations

The Orient
Medley of green tea, coconut and red bean ice cream on choux pastry served with a warm tropical fruit flambee
Aneka es krim rasa teh hijau, kelapa dan kacang merah di dalam kue sus dan disajikan dengan buah tropical hangat

Under The tropic
Caramelized banana on a symphony of vanilla and strawberry ice cream topped with strawberry sauce
Potongan pisang karamel dengan es krim vanila dan stroberi disajikan dengan saus stroberi

Rocky Mountain
Coffee cream and rum raisin ice cream on bed of cubed rich chocolate brownies, decorated with marshmallow and chocolate
Paduan es krim dengan aroma rum, kismis, kopi cream dan potongan kue diatas coklat dihias
marsmallow dan parutan coklat

Assorted Dessert Pie with Ice Cream
Pie disajikan dengan es krim

Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Irisan buah segar